Pumpkins and Squashes

We only grow old varieties of widely varying textured and flavoured pumpkins and squashes. Some are dryish, some are quite moist, some are sweet, some are savoury, and all are different and delicious. Some are better-suited to roasting, others to combining into other dishes, some to frying, and some to those old favourite pumpkin soups. See our News page for the best pumpkin soup recipe, and other chef news as it comes in.


If you think our tomatoes look a bit weird, we respectfully suggest that you close your eyes and just enjoy the flavour!

Our tomatoes sit on a pedestal, put there by our multitude of very happy customers. The recipe for their excellence is simple, but the completion of that recipe takes a lot of care, a task that we fully embrace. The flavour is the key to our objectives. Whilst some varieties can produce some rather strange looking fruit, that strange look is normally replaced by the look of amazement or better on the face of a new customer, or the look of relief on that of a returning customer.  We fully ripen our tomatoes on the plants, delivering flavours that appear to be unmatched almost anywhere. Our two WA Delicious Awards in 2019 and 2020 are testimony to that, and our quest for further excellence in our tomatoes continues, so that our tomato-loving customers can continue to enjoy these unusually flavoursome fruits. 


Our aubergines are among the most varied of our vegetables. With a wonderfully varied range of colours, patterns, shapes, textures and flavours,  they offer enormous variety to foodies who love this often under-appreciated group of fruits. 

Capsicums, Peppers & Chillies

We produce a beautiful range of capsicums, peppers and chillies. Green, yellow, orange, red, and purple (almost black) capsicums, plus padron and shitshito peppers, and some low-medium to very hot chillies for hot sauce officianodos. Supplies of the hot chillies are limited by season, with most of them not being available until March or later due to normal seasonal constraints. 

Other Varieties

We produce quite a range of what we term "Oddballs"...like garlic, tomatillos, Jerusalem Artichokes, Boston Pickling Cucumbers, plus a few others that we just try out to see. This section is updated to reflect our current in-stock unusual varieties.