Warren Grange was established in 2011 with the purpose of growing rarely seen and unusual vegetables. If they are strange, funky or otherwise different, then they're our specialties. We love the mix of visual beauty with fabulous old flavours which appeal to today's discerning palates. We are passionate about introducing heirloom vegetables to consumers, and love it when our customers get excited about trying them and experimenting with new recipes.

All of our produce is locally grown on our beautiful farm, which is surrounded by Karri forest.


Many varieties of pumpkins – in fact this year we grew 43 varieties. We call them Funky Pumpkins™. Apart from looking very different, they all have their individual taste and texture and can be prepared in many different ways.

We also grow heirloom tomatoes, capsicums, peppers, eggplants, artichokes and chillies as summer/autumn crops.



Pumpkins – in fact 43 varieties which, apart from looking very different with regards to colour, size and shape, all have their unique texture and taste. We call them Funky Pumpkins™ as they are fun to look at and provide lots of imaginative ways of preparing them. We also grow heirloom tomatoes, capsicums, peppers, eggplants, artichokes and chillies as summer/autumn crops.

Rick Scoones is a marine biologist who has worked as a commercial diver, project manager, researcher and environmental consultant. In 2013 he decided that it was time to have a tree change, not queue for a place on the train any more and become a farmer. It has been a steep learning curve, but Rick can now drive the tractor really well, put up a decent fence, run irrigation and whinge about the weather.

Barbara Loessl is a nurse who has also worked in many different areas and industries. From 2013 until the end of 2016 she was a drive-in-drive-out farmer and wife, working as a lecturer in Bunbury during the week. Now she divides her time between nursing at Warren District Hospital and in community palliative care, looking after wwoofers, selling produce at markets and generally being a farmhand.

Mickey, the galah, our schnauzer Maddie and the geese often "help" on the farm.



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Rick and Barbara Scoones


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